A downloadable TDP for Windows, Linux, and Android

The Dreamer's Princess is a maze exploring, bullet hell, RPG.

Story details will be added later.

Each level is randomly generated. THERE ARE BUGS. Please know this game is in ALPHA and will continue development!

WebGL Version is Playable Right Here

How to play.

  • WASD/Arrow Keys to Move
  • Space or MB1 to shoot
  • Mouse to control camera

What to do

  • Explore the Maze
  • Find the key
  • Go through the door (next level)

Install instructions

Not exactly sure, if Unity works on your PC so should this game IF NOT. Please try out the WebGL Version at https://solazdev.github.io/TDP-WebGL/


TDP_LGJ_Fix.zip (24 MB)
TDP_LGJ_WinFix.zip (21 MB)
TDP_LGJ_WIN.zip (21 MB)
TDP_LGJ_LIN.zip (24 MB)
TDP_LGJ_And.apk (30 MB)