Official GDN Blueberry Jam (judgeallyouwant) Edition

Project ColorDeath

The mind of a lost artist takes a strange route. Wander in the mind of an artist who is constantly fighting himself to regain his inspiration and destroy his artblock. Collect inpiration blobs and avoid distraction enemies while trying not to fall into the endless void of craze and depression. Clear your mind to turn away from your own madness in this puzzle platformer side scroller and defend your own sanity against the artblock.

Tileset Designer- Astrid Casillas (Musealie)

Animation- Naomi Duperon (ZaNamations)

Character Design- Nicole Olivera (Kee)

Programmer-Carlos Orama (@SolAZDev)


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I'm not a donkey😟 

Really neat game and props for getting the mobile implementation in! The physics could use a bit of work since I did a fair amount of 'super jumps' and fighting against myself to move. 

Loved the flying enemy types and size of the world, good job all!